Speaker Coaching

Career success rests on three fundamental skills: core competency, good writing skills and the ability to speak publicly. No one disputes the first. Few dispute the second. However, many fear the last. It is said more people fear public speaking than death. (Me? I’ll take speaking over death any day.)

The core of leadership is communicating to one’s followers with confidence and clarity. Whether to inform or persuade, successful people know how to speak to large groups. Styles may vary, but the connecting with an audience is vital for success, whether you are a politician, a business person, a community leader or an author.

You may not feel like a great public speaker, but you can be. That’s why we provide coaching. J.R. Bale, our president, has taught public speaking to thousands of students, college age and above, helping them overcome anxiety, develop outlines and rehearse their presentations. We can also prepare visual aids, such as PowerPoint. Never let the fear of public speaking hold you back.