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J.R. Bale, not only designed a great website for me, but more importantly he made my author’s platform a proper brand, the ‘Revolutionary Detective.’ I appreciate his unwavering support in branding me through social media. He also created some excellent internal graphics for me, enhancing the content of my third book, The Forgotten Revolution. Balefire Communications has become a vital part of my marketing efforts. I recommend him highly.”

                                                                                       — Bob Mayers, author
                                                                                                The War Man, The Forgotten Revolution,
                                                                                            and Revolutionary New Jersey

Working with Balefire Communications has provided precisely what I need to achieve my goals as a published author. J.R. Bale did my book cover design (brilliant!); created my book website (easy for me to manage now); designed my eye-catching direct mail postcard, bookmarks, and memes; and provided emotional support and problem-solving guidance when curve balls came my way. He did all this at affordable rates and in a timely manner. I have high expectations in working with creative professionals, and Balefire Communications continues to deliver what I need, on time and on budget!

                                                                                       — Vivian Fransen, author
                                                                                       The Straight Spouse: A Memoir                                                                                      

“I worked with J.R. for my first book, What They Don’t Tell You About Personal Success, and he was an absolute pleasure to work with. We were able to do everything via email which worked great with both of our schedules. He was timely with all feedback and extremely helpful working through the editing and cover development processes. I would highly recommend his services to both new and established authors.”

                                                                                       — Ashley V. Ray, MHA
                                                                                               Wright Foot Consulting

“Writing a book is one thing. Refining the manuscript and preparing it for publication is quite another. For my most recent book, I enlisted the services of J.R. Bale, Balefire Communications LLC. It was a wise move! There are myriad details with such a pursuit. J.R. handled the entire task with aplomb. Services were provided that I wouldn’t even have known to request. It surely helped that J.R. was an absolute pleasure to work with. He is the consummate professional.

                                                                                       — Pete Tucker, Author
                                                                                           More Memories from Down the Lane

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